The Designer has a Name

The Designer has a Name

Would the designer also have a name? It will probably not be a surprise for you to know Him as God. Perhaps, you have your own image of God. Read on to find out if that image is correct.

The Invisible God?

If God exists, you may wonder why we cannot see Him – after all, that would make it easier to believe that He exists, wouldn’t it? If you could see God, what would be the value of your freedom of choice? Without any doubt, you would probably respect and acknowledge your Creator.

However, your choices will only be valuable when you can make them without the direct influence of God. It’s similar to a growing child who cannot appreciate the value of making choices if their parents decide everything for them. Self-esteem means making choices by yourself.

The result of the freedom of choice may seem disastrous because people are inclined to do what they want without taking into account their designer. However, ignoring your Creator is a blow in God’s face.

Why Does’nt God Intervene?

If God is the architect of everything around you, you can learn about Him and His plan by looking at how He designed them. It is obvious that His creation reflects something about His character.

The universe is built with order and structure. There are laws that also apply to “right” and “wrong.” Every person has a sense of what is good and bad. If God is the designer of all this, it can hardly be that He is anything other than righteous. He cannot forgive mistakes without compensation. If He did, we would all appeal to Him to ignore our wrongdoings. Consequently, wrongs would be disregarded and injustice would prevail.

No matter how big or how small the violation, you are responsible for the consequences.

Since we tend to choose to be independent for our own sakes,  sooner or later we will all ignore our Creator. Even the slightest form of disobedience, every mistake, makes us unclean. We are no longer able to confront the perfection and justice of God.

An example to clarify this: It is obvious that people like Hitler, Stalin or Kim Il-sung who killed millions need to be punished for their actions. But, what is the standard? Is only one murder enough to be punished? Or, what if you deliberately or unintentionally destroyed someone’s life? Where is the line between a small violation and a big one?


Love is an elusive phenomenon. Much in human life is about love, whether it’s a relationship with your parents, your family or another person. Love is an inexhaustible source of content for many songs. Everybody is looking for some kind of love. Without love, life looks hopeless, and we are easily depressed when love is lost in a relationship.

What we can make out of this is that the Creator also is a God of love and relationships.

Why Do We Exist?

What if God made the universe, not only to show His greatness to all His creatures but to also be involved in your existence? What if God wants to share His greatness and love with you personally? Not because He has to but just because He loves you.

If so, there’s one problem: man is inclined to think for himself by his freedom of choice. Man thinks of his best interest, tends to make mistakes, and drifts away from a relationship with his maker. So there is a problem.

How can God make it clear to people that He loves them without interfering with the freedom He has given them? A relationship with love calls for an answer.

More about this later on…

No Balance of Good and Evil

If you hurt someone, the good relationship the two of you had will be broken. It is possible that it can be corrected but compensation has to be made first. You may have to apologize or face some other consequence for your actions. The same applies when someone violates the laws of the land – there are consequences! The offender must pay a fine or will be thrown into prison. The greater the violation, the more severe the punishment.

With God, it’s different – He expects a lasting and faithful relationship. As human beings, we are actually unable to meet this standard. To be honest, we all have our shortcomings and often think and act in our best interests.

With God, there is no balance between good and evil – He expects a monogamous relationship between us and Him. However, we are soon tempted to serve other causes such as money, possessions, power, family and other relationships, which daily lead us away from a relationship with God.

So, we will never fully meet our expectations in a relationship with God. Have you ever met someone who is perfect? Someone who always does good and has never hurt another person? The better you get to know someone, the more you will notice that this person also has shortcomings and thinks about his or her self-interest.

It is not possible for man to fulfill this standard of perfection in a relationship with God. God cannot just ignore the mistakes that we make; He would no longer be righteous. How can this ever be solved?

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