The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Is there a designer who has created the entire universe complete with a planet full of life? Why would he do that? Was he bored? Does he look for entertainment? Is he curious? Does anything surprise him? Additionally, why doesn’t he intervene when things go wrong?

Are you searching for the meaning of your life. There might be a plan behind it all. Ever thought about what that could be?

The Nature of the Designer

So if we want to form a picture of the designer, we can look at how the laws of nature work. Considering that the whole universe works through these fixed rules, it is fair to conclude that the architect must be a designer of order and structure.

If we could mess up the laws of nature, it would result in complete chaos because in nature, things work according to fixed rules. These laws ensure that life as we know it is possible. As we have seen in the flowers and people, the complex combination of systems and processes is inseparable.

Natural laws cannot be messed up or ignored. If they could, the whole system would have fallen into complete chaos a long time ago. The consequences of the laws of nature are simple and clear. You can do your best, but you cannot ignore gravity. You have to accept that gravity is there and you learn to live with it from an early age by falling and getting up.

Freedom of Choice

But, there is more! Is it possible that the designer’s creations were made to share in his greatness? If so, creation should show respect and gratitude to its designer.

Freedom of choice makes a big difference as it allows for the development of a real relationship. Free willed beings can choose to accept and respect their designer. Likewise, creatures can make their own decisions and even design and study things themselves.

However, creation can also choose to ignore or even counteract its designer. Of course, the latter is an insult. It’s like a child ignoring the existence of its father or mother.

The Dilemma

Why are people not satisfied when they have “everything” in material terms? Why are wealthy people often unhappy or worried? Why are many people – including celebrities and those who are financially successful – addicted to alcohol and drugs? Does material success offer real, lasting happiness and satisfaction? I suppose not.

Is there, perhaps, something we miss in our lives, even if we have “all that our hearts desire?”

In addition to the laws of nature, we can still figure out something from the way the design was made. We experience a certain emptiness, a need for more. We want to have meaning in life.

More about this later on…


Betekenis van het leven

Are we supposed to be, or did we just emerge?