The Solution

The Solution

The ultimate result of ignoring or denying God is eternal death. That means a future without a relationship with God.

If God is full of love, how can He solve the dilemma? How can He accept that imperfect people who are inclined to violate the basic rules can still have a relationship with Him? How can He show His love so that these questions can be answered?

A Bail

What if someone could take care of the mistakes you make? It would have to be someone who is pure and fully complies with God’s standards. What if someone could mediate between you and God? Someone who could take care of you and even “fix” the damage you have caused in your lifetime.

But, who could do that? No human being can reach and maintain that standard of perfection. It takes someone with supernatural abilities – someone who can compensate for what you have messed up. No one can continually guarantee and compensate for another’s mistakes. Maybe, for a single time, but definitely not all the time.

God is the Solution

What if God Himself has provided someone who has cleared up your mess? Someone who has cleared all the obstacles that stand between you and God by one single, big act. Have you encountered that person in your life? Have you met someone who can stand up to God for you –  someone who is able to compensate for what you’ve done –  someone who leaves an unforgettable impression?

What is the most compensation anyone can make for his mistakes? His life – the most valuable possession of a human being. What if someone died in your place for everything that you did wrong and even for anything you will do wrong in the future?

That is exactly what God did. He sent someone to pay the price for your mistakes and shortcomings. Thus, solving the problem of the distance between Him and man that was created by mankind’s freedom of choice.

No human being can act as your bailsman because all of us have shortcomings. Ultimately, we are unable to meet God’s requirements.

God did not just send anybody as our mediator. He sent His own Son to accomplish this job. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, came as a human being on earth as a baby and grew up just like you and me. He faced similar challenges and temptations that you and I encounter. Yet, though He was human, He lived by God’s standards.

But, that was not all. God’s love for us was so incredible that He sacrificed His Son for those who are willing to accept that through the death of God’s Son, all their mistakes would be taken away; therefore, making it possible to have a true relationship with God.

The Best Offer Ever!

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, died on earth on a cross and was buried in a grave for three days. But He proved that He was stronger than death when He resurrected from His grave. By sacrificing Himself and shedding His blood, He settled the debt for all the wrong things you and I have done. Because of His intervention, we can enter an unobstructed relationship with the righteous God.

It may sound incomprehensible at first that God made such a great offer to restore the relationship between you and Him!

The way to a relationship with God has been open because of the intervention of Jesus Christ. All that He expects is that you believe and accept that God has given His Son to die for your mistakes and that you will respect God in future as your Creator and your Guide in life.

The Most Important Choice of Your Life!

If you believe and accept this, you can effectively be part of God’s plan. You will experience that the future will be more meaningful than you ever imagined.

At this point, you can take a big step in your life –  believe and accept this or let it go. It’s your choice.


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