Can it be Coincidence?

Can it be Coincidence?

Coincidence, random luck?

Can it just be a coincidence that we do exist? You can be impressed with how beautiful and complex the flowers are. If you want to read more about their complexity, you can read this article about carnivorous plants.

There are a lot of processes that are related to each other, so much so, that it is actually impossible for them to originate spontaneously. The chance that a simple protein containing 100 amino acids will occur naturally is 1 to a number with 130 zeros; the chance of winning the grand prize in the lottery is peanuts compared to this! And that is not all – the simplest organism on earth consists of 200,000 proteins!

Based on these facts, many scientists increasingly come to the conclusion that life on earth is not the result of coincidental circumstances.

What If There is More?

Even the greatest scientists still have no complete answers to the most essential questions about our origins. If the chance that life began on earth by coincidence is negligibly small, then what? The alternative is that there must be a certain form of intelligence behind the origin of life, a kind of “architect” of the universe who designed the earth and all life on it.

Are you prepared to think about this option? If you want to give it a chance, just read on!

It’s hard to make an image of something or someone who has designed all the matter surrounding us with an eye for detail and with a complexity that exceeds our perceptions. As humans,  there are so many details that we still do not know or understand even after many centuries of scientific research. It must have taken a very special architect to create such detailed designs.

An Involved Designer?

If there is a designer, why was an immeasurable universe created? Furthermore, why was only one planet chosen to create a stunningly complex biotope? What was the plan behind this creation?

You could also wonder if this designer formed and fashioned everything and then left creation to its fate. Or, would the designer still be involved in his creation? On this planet, there is so much misery, you might assume that if there was a designer, he left the scene and the earth to run on the laws of nature.

Or Maybe There is Even More?

Try to picture the designer in your mind… Are you just one of his innumerable creations? What if he has made a specific plan for you and your life? Do you already have a plan for yourself? Do you have a purpose in life? Or do you pick the day and see what will happen tomorrow?

Curious about the meaning of your life? 

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