How Your Life can Bloom

How Your Life can Bloom

Flowers are both beautiful and special! On earth there are about 400,000 different flowering plants on earth, each having its own shape, color, and texture – they are beautiful to look at.

Flowers also play an significant role in our lives. Without them there would be no delicious and nutritious fruits to enjoy; the world would be hotter and drier and obviously, less colorful and exciting.

The Wonder of the Flowers

Have you ever wondered how a plant knows when it’s time to bloom? They depend on their environment; so to reproduce, the proper conditions are required; Sunlight, the right temperatures and the help of insects. These, along with many other circumstances must be present at the right moment and in the right proportions; only then the plant can reproduce.

Therefore, a plant must be able to monitor its surroundings. What is the length of the day? What is the temperature? Is there enough water? In addition, chemical signals that are transmitted by other organisms must be collected. Using these signals, the plant can put in place complex processes that eventually cause it to reproduce.

In many climates, there is only a short period every year that this process can take place successfully.

Plants react to day length and temperature through an extensive network of photoreceptors and temperature sensing systems. These environmental sensors are part of a complicated collaboration in the plant. Among other things, hormones and carbohydrates (sugars and starch) play an essential role in these processes.

In order to survive, flowers also require complex systems which depend on each other and their environments. If you study the enormous complexity of the flowers, it will make you aware of the complexity of life in general.

Prachtige bloemenThe combination of these communication and processing systems in plants that are involved in flowering is a clear example of a comprehensive set of features. Put simply, plants can’t survive in an area where they lack any one of these features.

Incredibly Complex!

It’s bizarre when you consider how many complex systems and processes are needed on earth for all life to exist. Plants and flowers are not the only organisms that consist of complex compositions. Humans are also made up of a multitude of ‘building blocks’ and processes. Looking further, we see that the universe also consists of many interdependent forces, systems and processes.

A human being consists of about 100,000,000,000,000 cells, all with their own functions; there are at least 10 times as many bacteria in the human body as cells. In addition to 206 bones and 650 muscles, humans have vascular and digestive systems, glands, an immune system, a reproductive system, waste collection systems, skin, organs and many other compositions, which have not been discovered by science.

The more you zoom in on these different functions, the more you will be astonished at the enormous complexity and cooperation between the different components.

Boemen zijn bijzondere en complexe creaties

Therefore, it isn’t that strange that no other forms of life have been discovered in the universe. Indeed, hundreds of factors are needed to enable the spontaneous development of life. Over the past decades, scientists have discovered that more than 200 of these factors are needed to create the most simple form of life. Also, these must be present in the right proportions.

How Can We Exist?

Still, we do exist – we can even think about our existence. But how is that possible? Is it sheer luck that everything on earth has happened through a series of coincidences? Could it be that all the necessary conditions were present by chance at the right moment and in the right proportions?

Is it, perhaps, more likely to admit that life on earth cannot arise by chance and arbitrary forces? The fact is that the right conditions for life to exist on earth should all be present at the same time as well as in the right proportions.

Is it perhaps more obvious to assume that there is some form of intelligence behind this complex earth? Or are you still satisfied with the incomplete statements that science presents as the only truth?

Can it be coincidence?  

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